Failed to log on to Microsoft Dynamics

Note -If  you have a Dynamics 365 for Operations VM then follow below link

(“Provisioning the administrator” user section)

to set up and be able to login –

If you are using AX 2012 please continue reading-

When you have just installed AX or got a backup of the AX database from someone, you may not be able to log on to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. A following error message may be displayed


0285.Failed to logon to Microsoft Dynamics


The issue is that you have not been configured as a user in the AX database.

Resolution: The solution has following two steps

1.  In AX 2012 Extract your SID as follows-(Credit to Rudhra Kumar-

To get SID for the current logged in domain user, please type the following in your command prompt–> C:\> whoami /user

To get SID for all domain users, please type the following in your command prompt–>wmic useraccount get name,sid whoami /user


2. Copy the SID into your AX database in SQL Management Studio in the table dbo.USERINFO, also change the Network Domain and NetworkAlias as per your credentials.



-Hitesh Manglani

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