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Failed to log on to Microsoft Dynamics

Note -If  you have a Dynamics 365 for Operations VM then follow below link

(“Provisioning the administrator” user section)

to set up and be able to login – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/dev-itpro/dev-tools/access-instances

If you are using AX 2012 please continue reading-

When you have just installed AX or got a backup of the AX database from someone, you may not be able to log on to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. A following error message may be displayed


0285.Failed to logon to Microsoft Dynamics


The issue is that you have not been configured as a user in the AX database.

Resolution: The solution has following two steps

1.  In AX 2012 Extract your SID as follows-(Credit to Rudhra Kumar- https://community.dynamics.com/ax/f/33/t/125845)

To get SID for the current logged in domain user, please type the following in your command prompt–> C:\> whoami /user

To get SID for all domain users, please type the following in your command prompt–>wmic useraccount get name,sid whoami /user


2. Copy the SID into your AX database in SQL Management Studio in the table dbo.USERINFO, also change the Network Domain and NetworkAlias as per your credentials.



-Hitesh Manglani

Problem uninstalling MPOS or any other application

Sometimes I have experienced an error when trying to uninstall MPOS or any other program for that matter.

MPOS uninstall

Corrupted registry keys are one of the reasons for such an error.

The following utility from Microsoft helps to cleanly uninstall MPOS  or any other program not uninstalling in such a situation.


In addition you may also needed to follow these steps to make sure all MPOS packages are removed (especially when multiple user profiles are setup)

  1. Run the following powershell script as Admin user. (Note that you can run the Powershell command by loading it the command prompt by executing powershell command as shown below)

Get-AppxPackage *pos* – allusers


2.  Note the PackageUserInformation in the above results. It will list the users for which the package has been provisioned. The package can then be removed using the following script.

Get-AppxPackage *pos*  | Remove-AppxPackage

Note – You will need to execute the above command for each user by logging in as that particular user in command prompt. For instance lets consider that there are two users admin and user1. You will need to execute the powershell twice, once as admin and once as user1, by using “Run as a different user” option by right clicking the command prompt icon

Run as a different user menu

Hope this helps

-Hitesh Manglani

[AX 2012 R3 / Dynamics 365 for Operations -Retail]: Viewing events from MPOS in Event Viewer

This post is based on a conversation in Dynamics AX Community (link attached later in the post)


Events from the MPOS in AX 2012 R3 can be found in Event Viewer here:

Application and Services Logs -> Microsoft -> Windows -> AppHost -> AppTracing.

activate the event log using Event Viewer.

  1. Navigate to Application and Services Logs -> Microsoft -> Windows -> AppHost.
  2. Right click AppHost and Select View -> Show Analytic and Debug Logs

Events from the MPOS in AX 7 / Dynamics 365 for Operations can be found in Event Viewer here:

Event Viewer: Applications and Services Logs->Microsoft->Dynamics->Commerce-ModernPos.- Admin, Debug, Operational (where Operational would contain errors and Debug is by default disabled but can be Enabled if needed.)


Please visit the source of this post at this link

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