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Upselling – Info codes configuration recap

Upselling is one of the common requirements in Retail POS. In this post I would like to recap how this can be achieved using configuration and no code in Dynamics 365 for Operations using info codes.

Info codes is quite an old feature and I thought it would be good to recap how we can use it to achieve “Upselling”.

Lets say we want the cashier to remember to try to upsell a product B on purchase of a certain product A (association rules)- example to prompt cashier to ask customer if he or she would like to buy batteries with purchase of camera.

The first step would be to create an infocode that will show a prompt to the cashier in the Retail POS. Infocodes can be created in Dynamics 365 in the following path- Retail and Commerce-> Channel setup -> Info codes

The input type of the info code can be setup as subcode buttons.

The subcodes need to be setup as follows. Note the use of Trigger function and Trigger code in the setup.

The above setup means that on selecting Yes, the customer agrees to buy the product we are trying to upsell (batteries) and the product will be added to the transaction.

The next part of the setup involves linking this info code to the product the cashier sells in the first place to the customer (Camera). This can be done in the released products master under Commerce tab-> Set up-> Info codes.

With the above setup in backoffice and pushed to the POS (by running the 1030 job and 1040 job), the cashier will get a prompt as shown below

On clicking Yes, the upsell will be done by adding the Batteries product to the transaction.


Hitesh Manglani


  1. Alex G

    Hi Hitesh – Love your blog. I had a question regarding Info Code Transactions, we have scenarios where the transaction comes in with a Transaction Type = Header, as a result there is no amount field in the table. Whereas, some come in with a Transaction Type = Sales Transaction, where we have amount values in the table.

    Do you know what dictates the Transaction Type for Info Code transaction?

    • hitesh360

      hi Alex, thank you for your kind words.
      Regarding your question (updated comment), if the info code is associated with the sales header level, then it will show as “Header” in transaction type. If it is associated with the sales line level, it will show up as “Sales Transaction”. This depends on the Functionality profile setup, Example if the info code was set up at Total discount it will end up as “Header” in Transaction Type. If it was setup at Product discount, it will end up as “Sales transaction” in Transaction Type.

      Hope this helps

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